The Brewmaster's Tavern

Before our Founding Fathers ever met at Independence Hall, they gathered together for a beer or two at local taverns — of which The Brewmaster's was one

History of The Brewmaster's Tavern


The year is 1812. My life begins as a bustling hotel. Mr. Gross Williams, my first owner, runs the hotel successfully until he retires in 1840.

In 1846 I am passed down to Mr. Williams' children. I eventually become the property of Mr. Charles A. Williams. Charles is a farmer and runs a livery on the site.

I am destroyed by fire in 1873. Out of the ashes I rise as I am rebuilt the same year.

My walls have seen much happiness over the years, and at times sorrow. In 1874 the great flood strikes the region. I was spared, but many lives were lost.

In 1894 the stagecoach gives way to the trolley. It stops right at my front door. Many travelers take comfort here. They sit on my porch, taking respite after a long day.

Time passes. I am a hotel, tavern, livery, store and restaurant. I have many owners throughout my life and am known by many names. Today, I am called the Brewmaster's Tavern.

I have had a long history spanning 195 years. My walls are not as straight as they used to be, my floors not quite level. Still, my new owners have taken great care to restore me to my former self. Experience a glimpse of yesteryear as you stroll though my halls.

My owners and I pray your stay with us is pleasant. Enjoy our fine brews and hearty fare. We hope you journey is pleasurable and that you will return to us again soon.

Upstairs Dining Room Downstairs Dining Room Downstairs Dining Room

Photos by Jessica Marie